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The UAE Swimming Federation (UAESA) is the national governing Body for the sport of swimming and open water swimming in the UAE, which raises the culture of aquatic sports by creating opportunities for swimmers and coaches of all backgrounds to participate and advance in the sport through clubs, events and education.

UAESA is part of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the UAE National Olympic Committee. UAESA operates according to the laws and rules laid down by these two organizations.

UAESA is also part of:

  • Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA)
  • Asian Swimming Federation (AASF)
  • GCC Swim
  • Arab Swimming Confederation
  • Arab Diving Federation

The UAE Swimming Federation has a long history of being involved in marathon or long distance swimming; to support these activities, the UAESA was formed on August 30, 1974 by Ministerial Act no 7, with the headquarters located in Dubai. Initially the activities of the organization were confined to long distance swimming but this was expanded in 1979 to include all swimming and water polo.

UAE Swimming Federation is committed to:

  • Increasing the numbers of children and adults who can swim
  • Increasing the number of people who swim regularly for health and fitness
  • Providing the opportunity for talented swimmers to develop their skills as they strive for selection in the National Team
  • Developing and supporting the UAE National Swim Team as they compete on the National and International level, including Asian Games, World Championships and Olympic Games
  • Promoting our sport because we believe that the more people learn and know about swimming, the more they will enjoy being involved in swimming
  • Creating and enhancing progressive and highly visible programs that are effective in strengthening and improving the coaching profession and building a stronger swimming community by providing ASCA Clinic services

The main goals of UAE Swimming Federation are:

  • To have more swimmers registered and coaches licensed
  • To strive for professionalism in the teaching of swimming activities
  • To prepare top athletes for major international competitions
  • To take all measures of prevention and repression of use of doping and / or drugs
  • To enable our swimmers to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life

Since its inception, the organization has continued to grow and it now has around 600 registered Emirati swimmers, with 25 of those now performing at national level and vying for places on the National team. The UAESA has also expanded to register non-Emirati swimmers, with nearly 300 currently registered to compete in local competitions.


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Last Updated: 23rd August 2022