WHO maintains Official Relations with ILS

The WHO Executive Board reviewed the report of collaboration with ILS at its 132nd session in January 2013. This report detailed achievements from the period 2010 – 2012.

These achievements included the promotion of the WHO/UNICEF Child Injury Report, the conduct of the World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2011 and other collaborations in drowning prevention interventions, research and workshops in WHO South East and Western Pacific Regions.

The WHO Executive Board also reviewed the collaboration plan for the period 2013-2015. This plan was jointly developed with the WHO Office for Injury and Violence Prevention and includes working together to address drowning prevention in low-middle income countries in Asia and Africa, and further collaboration in conducting World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2013 and 2015. Africa is of specific interest to ILS and WHO, given its high drowning rates and the emerging interest of UN agencies, NGO’s and the scientific community.

The WHO Executive Board decided to maintain the International Life Saving Federation in official relations with the World Health Organization. In making its decision, the Board commended the continuing dedication of the ILS in support of the work of WHO.

The International Life Saving Federation values it’s official relations with WHO and looks forward to continuing to address the issue of drowning and its prevention worldwide, with specific emphasis on those who drown in low and middle income countries. The ILS Drowning Prevention Commission, with its focus on drowning in children, marginalised populations and in disaster, will work with the ILS Board, Sport and Rescue Commission and its members from all regions of the world to ensure that ILS builds upon its partnership with WHO.