Drowning Prevention Tips – Cartoon Video

The ILS Americas Region and SOBRASA, the Brazilian Lifesaving Federation, are pleased to announce the production of a new drowning prevention video cartoon for kids.

The video is aimed at flat water drowning. Here are links to the three versions:

The video can also be translated to other language if there is enough interest.

In addition to this, SOBRASA independently developed a surf beach prevention drowning video in 2007. This one has subtitles in English and Spanish with collaboration with ILS Americas.

Beach adventure – Drowning prevention (English subtitles)

Beach adventure – Drowning prevention (Portuguese)

Consejos de prevencion en Ahogamiento de playa (Subtitulos en Espanol) http://youtu.be/8z1uWZGbzTg

These videos are free to use and share, so long as the creators are credited and no editing is done.

Please used as much you think will be helpful to reduce the burden of drowning around the world.

Show to your kids, at their schools, and share on your social network as widely as possible.

Brazil has one of the most higher rates of drowning death among children.

In fact, DROWNING is the second leading cause of death between 5 and 9 years-old and the third from 1-4 and 15-19 among all causes.

This is also the case in many others countries around the world.

“Drowning can be prevented. It is not an unavoidable accident or a random disease. Education is the best tool to help reduce the burden of drowning.”

Szpilman 2012