LWC2016 Canadian National Team and Youth Team

The Lifesaving Society of Canada is pleased to announce the selection of members to Canada’s National and Youth (15-18 years old) Lifesaving Team for Rescue 2016, the World Lifesaving Championships which will be held in Eindhoven and Noordwijk, Netherlands from 1 to 18 September 2016.

These individuals were selected following the Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships (CPLC) in Edmonton, Alberta on May 15th.

The National Team athletes formally invited are:

  • Dennis COOK (Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • James VERREAULT (Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Gavin COWARD (Markham Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Scott SOUTHWOOD (Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis, Alberta)
  • Mackenzie SALMON (Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Jessey ELF (Guelph Marlins Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Alexandra FERGUSON (Toronto Police Lifeguard Service, Ontario)
  • Carolyne GODON (Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Haylie BURTON (Guelph Marlins Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Margot CUNNINGHAM (Mississauga Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Marie-Félixe GRANGER (Montreal Rouville Surf Club, Québec)
  • Dallas WALKER (University of Lethbridge Max Bell Manta Rays, Alberta)

The Youth Team athletes formally invited are:

  • Jenna KUTASH (Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis, Alberta)
  • Madison ASHTON (Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Emma TONELATTO (Guelph Marlins Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • Jade MAILLÉ (Montreal Sea Devils AQUAM, Québec)
  • Danielle CHANG (Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis, Alberta)
  • Sandrine HAMEL (Montreal Rouville Surf Club, Québec)
  • Levi PEEK (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
  • Tyler BAILER (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
  • Austin JERKE (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
  • Aiden DONALD (Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis, Alberta)
  • Nicholas CHAN (Rouge Valley Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
  • McLean REID (Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club, Ontario)

The National Team will be coached by Jason CROSS (Nova Scotia) and Don BURTON (Ontario). Managers for the National and National Youth Teams will be, respectively, Pat MCGRATH (Nova Scotia) and Emily VERREAULT (Ontario).

For more information and to interview members of Canada’s National and Youth Lifesaving Team, please contact:
Steve Box, Lifesaving Society Canada Sport Commissioner
E-mail: experts@lifesaving.ca
Lifesaving Society Canada sport commission website: