World Health Organisation maintains its official relations with the ILS

The ILS is very pleased to confirm that the World Health Organisation (WHO) at its 150th Session had decided to continue to maintain its official relations with the ILS.

The continuation of this significant official relationship is very good news for drowning prevention work throughout the world as it enables continued close collaboration in a wide range of activities.

In acknowledging the continued relationship with the WHO and the significant achievements of 2021, Justin Scarr, the ILS Drowning Prevention Commission Chair, said:

“We thank you for your leadership in realising each of the following:

  • the UN General Assembly Resolution on Global Drowning Prevention
  • the inaugural World Drowning Prevention Day
  • the WHO Guideline on the prevention of drowning through provision of day-care and basic swimming and water safety skills
  • the WHO bi-regional status reports on drowning prevention in the Western Pacific Region, and the South East Asia Region

The ILS is pleased to play its role in advocacy, awareness raising and building capacity at regional and global levels, as well as by encouraging its members to play their role in bringing groups together, inspiring and resourcing community action.”

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