ILS Anti-Doping Education Statement

Following recent engagement with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) the ILS is pleased to make a the following statement to encourage all federations to ensure that its members are educated on this important issue:

The ILS shares the WADA vision of a world where athletes can participate in a doping-free sporting environment.

The ILS has committed itself and its member federations/organisations to adhere to the WADA standards and seeks to provide a clean, safe and fair sporting environment.

A key principle of WADA’s World Anti-Coping Code International Standard for Education (ISE) is that the first encounter with clean sport and anti-doping should be for athletes to be educated before being tested.

Against this background all members participating at the Lifesaving World Championships (LWC) 2024 are reminded of their anti-doping responsibilities under ILS policies and rules.

These may be found at:

It is strongly recommended that all participants including youth, open and master age competitors, team coaches, team medical personnel, and parents/carers, as well as officials and administrators review the sport integrity information and, as appropriate to their role, complete their equivalent National Anti-Drug Organisation (NADO) or WADA online training relevant to their role at LWC 2024.

The WADA training may be found at:

Further information is available by contacting the ILS at: