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Date Event
21/09/2010 10th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion
20/09/2010 International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention (ISCAIP) Tour & Meeting
18/09/2010 Launch SLS New Zealand Centenary
14/09/2010 10th Brazilian International Lifesaving Event
11/09/2010 National Nipper Surf Lifesaving Championships
11/09/2010 British Open Lifesaving Sport Championships
10/09/2010 Championnats de France Interclubs et Individuels
08/09/2010 6th China International Rescue and Salvage Conference and Exhibition – Improving Professional Maritime Rescue and Salvage
08/09/2010 20th Annual Australia New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA) Conference 2010: Sport and the Media - In the Spotlight
04/09/2010 National Surf Lifesaving Championships
28/08/2010 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships
27/08/2010 European Championships for Juniors
25/08/2010 2nd World Maritime Congress - International Maritime Rescue Federation Conference
21/08/2010 Provincial Nipper Championships
20/08/2010 National Junior Team Training
20/08/2010 German National Trials
18/08/2010 National Senior Squad Trials and Team Selection
13/08/2010 British Nipper Lifesaving Sport Championships
11/08/2010 Australasian Hazards Management Conference
10/08/2010 British Youth Lifesaving Sport Championships
07/08/2010 Championnat de France Minimes, Cadets et Juniors
07/08/2010 British Masters Lifesaving Sport Championships
05/08/2010 USLA National Lifeguard Championships
30/07/2010 National Junior TEAM Training
28/07/2010 26th NPS All-Women Lifeguard Tournament at Sandy Hook, N.Y.
26/07/2010 Coupe de France des Départements Benjamins et Minimes
19/07/2010 Campionati Italiani Estivi Junior & Senior
17/07/2010 Italian Rescue
04/07/2010 National Junior Squad Trials and Team selection
02/07/2010 German Lifesaving Cup Juniors
30/06/2010 Campionati Italiani Estivi Junior & Senior
29/06/2010 2010 International Climate Change Adaptation Conference
20/06/2010 National Squad Training
16/06/2010 XIth international Symposium for Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming
05/06/2010 2010 SLSA Australian Pool Rescue Championships
05/06/2010 SLSA Council Meeting
05/06/2010 2010 Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships
04/06/2010 ILSE Board Meeting
28/05/2010 2009 Canadian Lifesaving Championships
24/05/2010 Irish Water Safety's National Water Safety Awareness Week
21/05/2010 Roadsign Rescue
15/05/2010 National Squad Training
08/05/2010 3th International Trophy City of Ischia
06/05/2010 Australian Water Safety Conference
01/05/2010 National AGM in St John's Newfoundland
30/04/2010 Resuscitation 2010 - NZ Resuscitation Council
28/04/2010 United States Lifesaving Association Board of Directors meeting and Educational Conference
25/04/2010 Water Safety Area Committees Officer's Seminar
24/04/2010 Championnats de France Minimes, Cadets et Juniors
23/04/2010 Italian Spring Championships
20/04/2010 Safety in Action Conference
16/04/2010 Australian IRB Championships
16/04/2010 Norwegian Lifesaving Championships, Pool Competitions
09/04/2010 National Swimming Teachers Course (Part 2)
27/03/2010 Championnats de France Interclubs et Individuels
22/03/2010 United Nations World Water Day
20/03/2010 Conference for Norwegian Instructors
16/03/2010 2010 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships
13/03/2010 British Open and Masters Pool Lifesaving Sport Championships
13/03/2010 National Nipper Pool Championships