New appointed national head of Irish Water Safety

Breda Collins has been appointed as the national chairperson of the Irish Water Safety Association (IWS).

She has been involved with IWS for 25 years and has been on the Council of IWS for two terms. She is a Senior Risk Assessment Tutor with ILSE and has Chaired the Lifesaving Commission of IWS since 2006.

Irish Water Safety is the statutory body established to promote water safety in Ireland. Its role is to educate people in water safety best practices. It develops public awareness campaigns to promote necessary attitudes, rescue skills and behaviour to prevent drownings and water related accidents. In 2010, the dedication of the members of the organisation led to Ireland having the lowest level of drowings for 58 years.

Mr. Phil Hogan, T.D., Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, announced the membership of the Council of Irish Water Safety on 21st November 2011. The following members have been appointed:

  • Breda Collins – Appointed as Chair – from Kilkenny, former Chair of Kilkenny Water Safety Area Committee (WSAC), current Chair of the IWS Lifesaving Commission. 
  • Michael (Buddy) Cuddihy – from Waterford, current Treasurer of the Waterford WSAC and Chairman of the IWS Lifeguard Commission
  • Brendan McGrath – from Clarecastle, County Clare former Chairman of Clare WSAC and Chairman of the IWS Swimming Commission 
  • Paul Murphy – from Dublin, Chairman of Dublin WSAC and member of the IWS Lifeguard Commission 
  • Seamus O’Neill – Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Treasurer of Donegal WSAC and Chairman of the IWS Sports Commission. 
  • John Considine – from Newcastle West, County Limerick, former Secretary of Limerick WSAC and Water Safety Development Officer of Limerick County Council 
  • Anne Ryan – from Wexford, Secretary of Wexford WSAC and member of the IWS Lifeguard Commission. 
  • Tom Doyle – from Wexford, former Chairman of Wexford WSAC and Water Safety Development Officer for Wexford County Council. 
  • Lola O’Sullivan – from Tramore, County Waterford, Sports Officer Waterford WSAC and Councillor of Tramore UDC. 
  • Christy McDonagh – member of Grainne Uaile Sub Aqua Club Ballina, County Mayo 
  • Martin O’Sullivan – from Cork, former Chairman of Cork WSAC and Chairman of the IWS Rescue Commission. 
  • Tim O’Sullivan – Official of Dept. of Environment, Community & Local Government.

ILS congratulates Mrs Breda and wishes the new Council every success. ILS thanks Frank Nolan, the outgoing Chair of IWS, who had dedicated his time, talents and energy to the IWS, ILSE and ILS for many years.

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