“SOBRASA Rescue 2014” and “XIV International Symposium” in Brazil

The ILS Full Member Organization of Brazil, SOBRASA, and The Fire Department of Espirito Santo (CBMES), successfully implemented a joint event that included their annual sport lifesaving championship, a lifesaving symposium and a course for coaches/judges in Vitoria, Brazil during 18-22.11.2014.

Approximately 400 athletes, officials and distinguished visitors attended all the events.

A 1-day Lifesaving Sport Official’s Course took place for open water coaches and judges prior to the championship.

The XIV International Symposium of Aquatic Rescue “Floods & Pools” included various interesting oral and poster presentations. One of the key-messages that arose were that drowning prevention could be understood as a cost/benefit relationship based on the understanding that for every 1 euro that is not spent on prevention, 7 euros will need to be spent for intervention. Foreign visiting lecturers discussed the current state of lifesaving in Portugal, the USA, Chile, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Brazilian speakers demonstrated that Brazil has an established flood response program, is proficient in beach guarding, and is developing comprehensive strategies to target pool safety.

The Championship http://youtu.be/HbljfDB6Pac included open water and pool events. It appeared that athletes were primarily interested in participation, fellowship, and information sharing, as well as more competitive aspects. The event was well covered, receiving media coverage from 5 separate media outlets.

International participation of visitors from USA, Greece, Chile, Venezuela, Australia and Portugal took place in all the competition events, giving the opportunity for networking, fellowship, and learning experiences by locals and guests alike.

The tireless organizing committee did excellent work. All participants expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Dr. David Szpilman, said: “We are thrilled to see that our seeds, after many years of effort, have produce such a good outcome”.