ILS-IMRF-IDRA working group

The corona-virus is affecting all parts of all societies in the world, including organizations that have to deal with drowned victims.

When a non-immunised person starts mouth-to-mouth ventilation, the change for the rescuer to become infected could very well be 100%, with an unknown probability to become severely ill or to die.

A working group, that includes representatives of the International Maritime Rescue Organisation (IMRF), International Lifesaving Federation’s Medical Commission and the International Drowning Researcher’s Alliance (IDRA) have formed a joint working group to advise how to deal with this dramatic situation during the crisis time of the pandemic and after the pandemic.

The aim of the working group is to publish their recommendations midst of April.

Communication with the working group is via Catarina Queiroga, Anyone wishing to know more about the Working Group, or to become involved, should contact the Chair of the Working Group, Catarina Queiroga (

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  1. ROBERTO SPINELLI | 22nd April 2020 at 5:18 pm |

    Hallo, Can I have more information about the working group?
    Thank you

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