World Games 2022 announces three competition venues – including the Lifesaving venue

Today the World Games 2022 Local Organising Committee formally announces three of the venues for Birmingham, Alabama.

The Birmingham CrossPlex venue will be the location for the Lifesaving events of the World Games 2022. This is a 750,000 square foot (70,000 square metre) multi-purpose athletic facility that includes a 50-metre indoor Olympic Swimming pool.

During the Games, spectators at the CrossPlex can enjoy several of the featured sports including Inline Hockey, Artistic Roller Skating, Speed Skating (indoor and outdoor) Wheelchair Rugby, Finswimming, Canoe Polo, and of course Lifesaving.

See the World Games 2022 Press Release and also a short video showing the Crossplex with a quick clip of Lifesaving:

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