World Games 2022 Qualification Process

The ILS Sport Commission has announced the agreed revised process for achieving World Games 2022 qualification times. 

This was agreed at its meeting on 9th May 2020, and was also then approved by the International World Games Association (IWGA) on 19th May 2020. 

The circular sets out the options that are open to all federations to enable times to be achieved in 2021 and submitted on behalf of their national teams and individual competitors.  Please note that for a time to be accepted as valid it must be achieved at an event described in paragraphs 4a), b) and c) that has been sanctioned by the ILS in advance.  Your attention is drawn therefore to the sanctioning process that must be followed in all cases as set out in paragraphs 5a), b), and c).

 Later in 2020, the ILS will ask National Federations for the details of all events in 2021 that they intend to have sanctioned for Qualification Times for the World Games 2022 to be achieved.  It is a requirement by the IWGA that all events are recorded in their Competition Games Management System.