Charlie The Savior: International Drowning Prevention Program Inspired By Baywatch

Today, Dr. Stathis Avramidis launched the international water safety program “Charlie the savior”, inspired by true events of Baywatch and endorsed by the legendary director Greg Bonann and 7 international organisations.

The educational drowning prevention program offers knowledge about swimming, resuscitation, personal survival at sea, life guarding, and lifesaving as a sport. The content is presented in an entertaining way with numerous games that can take place at home, school, in the neighborhood, or anywhere in or around the water. The program is freely available in Greek and English.

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  1. I am grateful for the assistance I got from Dr. Harald Vervaecke, Dr. Klaus Wilkens
    and Janet Wilson that supported this effort from ILS/ILSE. The full educational package is freely available here:

  2. Andy Anastasios Pappas | 3rd June 2020 at 2:02 pm |

    I would like to thank the International Lifesaving Federation(ILF)for the support shown to our organisation, for the important task we have of informing the general public about water safety. Through the mind of a child (Charlie the saviour) the Greek Lifesaving Sports Association(GLSA) was able to introduce such an important topic in a way that would be understood by the children of today, who will be the adults of tomorrow! Mr.Andy Anastasios Pappas. General Manager Communications & Development (GLSA)

  3. George M. Sepetis | 3rd June 2020 at 2:24 pm |

    A wonderful effort by a well-known scientist to upgrade the lifeguard in the shipping country. We expect heartfelt material and moral support from any genuine stakeholder and organization in maritime and water rescue in general. Framing by professionals with full training to remove amateurism, sloppiness and unfair profit. It is an institutional consolidation of lifeguards with scientific criteria within international data-criteria-experience, without naive processes of education and commercial feasibility. We reward you!
    GEORGE M. SEPETIS B.Ed, B.Ed, Dimpl.Ed, M.A.
    Open Water//Advanced Open Water // Enriched Air Diver// Rescue Diver
    EFR – Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st) w/AED// EFR – CPR/First Aid/Care for Children w/AED//Emergency Oxygen Provider
    Ocean Reef Integrated Mask Diver// Full Face Mask //Equipment Specialist
    PADI Adaptive Support Diver // PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialist//Diver Dive Against Debris Diver/
    Master Scuba Diver//Divemaster//Freediver

  4. Ioannis Dimakopoulos | 4th June 2020 at 7:53 pm |

    The everfusting problem of drowning and a state with a history of indifference in this direction gave birth to and allowed us, the people of sports lifeguard, to fairly evaluate the puzzles and contradictions of the problem, and be active in simple and basic truths.
    EANE aspires to be the lifeline for Greek lifeguard education without pharisaism and selfishness to star in the track and field competitions and lead the rescue of the Greek maritime tradition, free of drownings and accidents in the water.
    EANE’s pedagogical and scientific ethos reveals to man another view of his relationship to the water element and paves the way for its logical and measured use.
    Drowning protection and the spread of sports lifeguards by EANE it not only preserves human health, but also preserves the spiritual existence of man transporting him from the decay of alienated consumer individualism to the concept of the fair human face and to the creation-acquisition of a true social meaning of life. This action is linked to the international initiatives of the World Federation of Athletic Rescue and other organizations aimed at protecting human life from drowning. EANE with this new innovative mentality, for all of us, will be more worthy of everyone’s respect and it will be worthwhile for everyone to serve it at any time and in any way.

  5. Taxiarchis Rellias | 10th June 2020 at 11:38 am |

    Α really commendable effort from EANE (Greek Lifesaving Sports Association) in order to cultivate water safety and sports lifeguard. It is a valuable tool in promoting global health.
    Based on true stories and real people.This program can and should be the practical guide for any instigator, coach and / or parent to show their children the benefits of prevention rather than repression. The validity and science of the work is evidenced by the fact that it is supported by so many important organizations and personalities. Congratulations to Dr. Avramidis Stathis and his associates!

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