What ILS Members are doing for World Drowning Prevention Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has added the idea from Water Safety Ireland of going blue for World Drowning Prevention Day. The idea is simple: local organizations work with relevant authorities to have one or several notable landmarks illuminated in blue light during the evening of 25 July.

You can find out more about the initiative here: https://watersafety.ie/world-drowning-prevention-day/

Other ideas are that organizations can colour their webpages, social media banners, individual can post statements about going blue.

Many of our members are planning activities on the day. Click on the images in the rotating banner to go to the website of the organisation featured

ILS Africa:

The Presidents of 14 ILS African Lifesaving organisations and other members met on 22 July via Zoom to discuss their preparations for celebrating World Drowning Prevention Day under the slogan of “Africa United to Stop Drowning”. This is their action plan: ILS Africa Strategy

ILS Europe:

After the very recent tragic flooding in several European countries earlier this month, ILS Europe has posted information about the tragic loss of life, and what priorities it now faces in the fight to stop drowning across the continent:

The ILSE President, Dr Detlev Mohr has also issued a statement to mark the day:


World Health Organisation (WHO) Campaign site: