RLSS Commonwealth Secretary John B Long retires

ILS received the following retirement letter from Mr John B Long, RLSS Commonwealth Secretary and Knight in the ILS Order of Lifesaving.

Dear Colleagues,

As I am retiring as RLSS Commonwealth Secretary at the end of this week I would like to say a tremendous ” Thank you” to all my lifesaving colleagues that I have been privileged to work with over the past 18 years. I will see some of you in Edmonton in early June and can say my personal “thank you” to you there but as I know many of you will not be in Canada I am sending this message to pass my thanks to you.

I have greatly valued all your support, advice, friendship and camaraderie . I must say that all the lifesavers I have met over the years are wonderful persons so dedicated to the prevention of the loss of life by drowning and there can be no more noble a cause than working to save human lives.

I know you will give such similar wonderful support to my successor Francene Leaversuch and the Deputy Commonwealth Secretary Emma Harrison.

Once again ” Thank you” all it has been great knowing and working with you..

Kind regards

John B Long
Commonwealth Secretary

The ILS wishes to thank John for his great work and inspiration to the lifesaving community and wishes him all the best in his future endeavours.