First International Lifeguard Instructors course in Morocco

MOR 11.jpg

The Moroccan Diving and Lifesaving Federation organised an International Lifeguard Instructors course from 8 to 16 April in the city of Rabat. The course was organised by Mr Mohamed Ali Gharbal and provided by Dr. Harald Vervaecke PhD and Dr. Mohamed Saleh MD. 24 students participated in the course. Mohamed Ali Gharbal, ILS Board Member, Justin Bakinga, Regional Secretary General and Colonel Chekroun Kader, ILS Board Member also participated in the course. The ILS-Africa Region created an ILS-Africa course manual in three languages (Arabic, English, French) which will be provided to all other African countries.

The ILS representatives were received by the Prime Minister in his private house. The team was received by many other Ministers, by influential businessmen as well as by sport and federation leaders.

At the end of the course, the ILS-Africa opened an ILS-Africa Regional Branch office in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. The office counts many offices, secretariat rooms, archive room, etc… and is really impressive. The office is provided by the government to the Africa Regional Branch, including staff members.

Besides the opening of the Regional Branch office, the ILS-Africa Region created the ILS-Africa Lifesaving Academy with an office in the ILS-Africa Regional Branch office. Representatives from 43 African Nations were present to witness the creation of the Academy and the opening of the Academy office.