ILS Bye-Laws successfully amended by ballot result

When the ILS Elective General Assembly approved the updated Bye-Laws on 21 March 2021, an unintended consequence of this was that the voting rights at the ILS Board of Director meetings of the newly-elected ILS President, ILS Secretary General and ILS Athlete Commission Chair had unfortunately been removed. To restore these rights, the ILS Board approved the issue of a ballot to all ILS Full Members.

That ballot closed on 27 May 2021 at 24.00 CET. The result is clear. Of the total of 84 Full Members that voted (76% of those entitled to vote), 81 (96%) were in favour of restoring these voting rights, with just 3 (4%) against.

The updated ILS Bye-Laws with the amended clause 4.7.1 has now been re-published: