LWC2018: Early-bird registration closes in 10 days!

There are just 10 days until the early-bird registration period closes for national and club teams entering the ILS Lifesaving World Championships (LWC) Adelaide 2018. A number of nations and clubs have already successful registered for the Open and some for the Youth events to take advantage of the early team registration fees.

This is a reminder to all federations yet to do so, to register their national teams for the Open and Youth championships by the 19th February 2018 to get that early discount. We also ask that you urgently circulate this message to your club teams to encourage them to register for all events they are intending to enter.

Although it may be too early for federations and clubs to select the competitors that will represent them it is not to early to register their team or club. Once teams are registered, competitors can be added to the entry at any time, right up to the close of entries on 16th October 2018. Unlike the team registration, competitors added are not subject to the early, normal or late registration fees as there is just one rate for each individual throughout the registration period.

Remember also that entries are not valid until the fees due are paid, so early registrations still need to be paid. Reminders will shortly be sent to all teams and clubs that have already registered but not yet paid to remind them of the approaching deadline.

All the details on how to register your teams and the fees payable are available on the LWC Adelaide 2018 website:

Please ensure your national team management are aware of this and encourage them to register early to get that discount. As registrations have to be approved, don’t leave it until the last minute or you could be disappointed.

The LOC of LWC Adelaide 2018 would like to be able to contact your clubs directly about registering for the World Championships and provide news updates. If you are able to share your club contact list with us that would help ensure that all news and information about the event gets through to them quickly. Please send the details to ILS or j.martin@ilsf.org.

If you are unable to do this, please ensure that you share this message with all your clubs through your normal communication and social media routes, and include the LWC Adelaide 2018 social media links in your message: