Sport Commission Rules Update

The ILS is pleased to confirm that in preparation for the Lifesaving World Championships (LWC) 2022 in September 2022 in Riccione, Italy, the ILS Sport Commission has approved the final update of the:

  • ILS Competition Rulebook (2019 Edition, revised February 2020, January 2021, March 2021 and March 2022)
  • LWC 2022 Handbook (Update March 2022)

These are the governing documents for the conduct of LWC 2022.  Both documents have now been authorised for publication and are displayed on the ILS Website from today.

Competition Rulebook

The updated Competition Rulebook, as well as including revisions to correct some simple spelling errors and wording inconsistencies, provides some small amendments to simplify the Manikin Carry rules, designed to improve the event presentation, judging and to further reduce disqualifications.

This includes an adjustment to the role of the manikin handler in two events as confirmed in the ILS Sport Commission Technical Bulletin #1 November 2021.

There are also some amendments in the Ocean events that generally reflect some modifications to the Ocean courses for Masters.

A list of all the amended items is included in the “Clarifications” section at the front of the updated Rulebook. Where the amendment has been made since the 2021 revision, these are shaded throughout the document to be able to easily identify them.

LWC 2022 Handbook

The LWC 2022 Handbook has been updated to remove references to all of the events that have had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions in Italy. 

This updated document also contains a summary of the changes that have been applied to the Handbook that was prepared for the postponed LWC 2020 events.

Publication information

The ILS thanks the Sport Commission, and in particular the Rules and Technical Committee led by Mr Greg Allum AM, for their work in conducting the review of these documents.

The documents are now posted onto the ILS Website and can be found here on the ILS Website ILS Competition Rules and Regulations page: