Lifesaving World Championships 2022 – 6 months to go – time to register now!

Today marks 6 months to the day that the first event of the Lifesaving World Championships 2022 (LWC2022) starts in Riccione, Italy.

As the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be coming to an end in most countries, the ILS is happy that we can resume our activities. The ILS Event Management Committee has reviewed the excellent progress made by the LWC 2022 hosts, the Italian Lifesaving Federation (FIN) and is very pleased to confirm that LWC 2022 will definitely take place as planned from 21 September to 2 October.

Covid-19 forced us to reduce the programme to the following events:

  • National Teams Open Championships: from 27/09 to 02/10.
  • National Teams Youth Championships: from 27/09 to 02/10.
  • Masters Championships: from 21/09 to 26/09.

Additionally, FIN will host an international Lifesaving competition, to be run alongside the Masters Championships, for all those Interclub competitors below the Masters age whose events have been cancelled:

  • Rescue 2022 World Cup: from 21/09 to 26/09.

Attention all National Teams

Please register now, the normal registration period will on 7 August. After that period the registration fees will be higher.  By booking now, all teams can take advantage of the 2019 accommodation prices that are being held only until 30 April 2022.

How to register

Go to the registration web site: LWC 2022 Event Registration

Developing Nations assistance

Developing nations must also submit their application from the Developing Nations Fund by 31 March 2022 in order to be able to receive up to 2.000 Euro support. The support is provided if at least one man and one woman competitor compete in the National Teams Open Championships. No support is given to team managers or delegates.

LWC 2022 Masters Championships

The Masters Championships will take place from 21 to 26 September. By booking now, masters can also take advantage of the 2019 accommodation prices that are being held only until 30 April 2022.

Rescue World Cup 2022

The Italian Lifesaving Federation (FIN) agreed to organise an international lifesaving competition for all those competitors whose Interclub events were unfortunately cancelled and who are not old enough to participate in the Masters Championships.

This is a competition for competitors who are aged between 15 and 29 in 2022. They will participate in 13 individual events in three age groups:

  • 15 to 19 years.
  • 20 to 24 years.
  • 25 to 29 years.

The events are individual only, there are no team events.

Contacts and Assistance

We look forward to welcoming you and your teams to LWC 2022.