Rules & Regulations

The following is a listing of all lifesaving competition sports regulations.

Lifesaving World Championships & ILS Sanctioned Competitions

In the 2015 update of the ILS Competition Manual, the ILS Sport Commission separated content that addresses the Lifesaving World Championships specifically from content that addresses the rules, procedures and standards for lifesaving sport competition generally.

This resulted in two new publications:
the Lifesaving World Championships Handbook and
the ILS Competition Rule Book.

The ILS Sport Commission has now published 2020 Bulletin No 1 – 10th February to highlight some clarifications and provide minor error corrections in the 2019 versions. The updated Competition Rule Book and Handbook are provided for download or viewing below.

ILS Competition Rule Book

The ILS Competition Rule Book governs ILS championships and ILS sanctioned competitions. As necessary before the next edition, changes to or clarifications regarding rules, standards or procedures for ILS competition are published as bulletins.

ILS LWC Competition Handbook

For ILS world championships, consult the Lifesaving World Championships Competition Handbook in conjunction with the ILS Competition Rule Book and ILS Sport Commission Bulletins.

LWC 2020 Entry Guide Times

For the ILS LWC 2020 Championships the Entry Guide Times for Interclub Youth, Interclub Open and Masters Pool individual events are shown in this document.  Competitors entered in these events must be able to demonstrate that they have achieved this guide time before entering.

LWC 2020 Entry Guide Times

SERC Coaches, Competitors and Technical Officials Guide – January 2020

The ILS Sport Commission has provided an updated SERC guide for Coaches, Competitors and Technical Officials (revised January 2020).

ILS Competition Rule Book Short Course Pool Events 2020 Edition

The ILS Sport Commission has produced a Short Course Pool Events Addendum that modifies the standard competition rules for 25m short course swimming pools. The rules and disqualifications are described in the main ILS 2019 Competition Rule Book unless otherwise specified within the rules in the Addendum.

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Most member nations of ILS organise National Lifesaving Championships both pool and beach-surf events. Records can be set if the event organisers comply with the ILS Event Sanctioning rules.


  • ILS Swim Suit Policy: Dress of Competitors – Costumes, Dress and Style

World Games Rules

ILS publishes specially adapted rules for the World Games.

European Championships Rules

The competition rules of the European Region in ILS are very similar to the ILS Competition rules except for the elements that are typically linked to Regional conditions. The latest rulebook can also be found on the ILS-Europe website.